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Facing criminal charges is never something a person wants to experience in his or her lifetime. Sitting in jail in Parsons, Wv can leave you unable to care for your family, without a job, and feeling like you cannot represent your case well. Bills Bail Bonds gets you out quickly so your criminal charges do not put a halt to your life. Whether it is you that needs assistance, family members or friends, we are here to help. Our bail bond company in Tucker County, West Virginia gets you out of jail quickly. The circumstances of your case dictate the type of bond we put up on your behalf. Reach out to us when you need to get out of jail fast in Parsons, Wv.


Bail Bonding and Jail Release Agent for All Charges in Tucker County, West Virginia

Facing serious charges leaves you feeling helpless at the mercy of the courts. Our team answers your calls 24/7 and gets started with the process as soon as your bond amount is determined by the judge. Even if your amount has not yet been set, reaching out to advance can save you time once you do see the judge. Soon after an arrest has been made, get our bail bond company in Parsons, Wv on your side. Our team members have more than 40 years of experience in the field of bail bonding Parsons, Wv . This means, we know how to best help you without crippling your finances with high fees. We offer affordable installment plans to help all of our clients.

Fair Pricing Options for Bail Bonds in the State of West Virginia

The typical procedure for getting out of jail in Parsons, Wv is either paying the full amount of your bail or reaching out to a bail bond company in Parsons, Wv. We charge you 10% of the bail amount and posted the full bond amount to the court on your behalf. This is a standard rate and often includes collateral to cover the remaining amount of the bail. We make it easy for you to pay by offering a number of fair pricing options for your bail bond. Skipping bail in Parsons, Wv results in a revocation of the bond and you will not only be rearrested you will be held responsible for the full 100% of your bond. Experience the right pricing options when you contact us in times when you need a bail bonds company. We are proud to serve clients in the surrounding communities.

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