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Marion County Bail BondsAt Bill’s Bail Bonds, we have a variety of different bonds available to our customers depending on their specific needs. We conveniently serve a range of counties including, but not limited to, Upshur County, Monongalia County, Marion County, Lewis County, Preston County, and Mason County. Discover which bail bond is right for you below.

Cash Bond- This particular type of bond must be paid in cash. When the person appears for court or if charges are dropped, all the money will be refunded. However, all of the payment will be forfeited if the person does not show up for the court date.

Property Bond- People often use property as collateral when it comes to posting bail. When it comes to determining the value of the property, there are numerous factors that need to be considered. You must also present the deed, tax bills, and any assessment notices.

Transfer Bond- Someone who is being held in a different state than where their bond was written can take advantage of a transfer bond.

Although the bonds listed above are the most popular, this is not the full list of bonds that we provide our clients. We also offer business crime bonds, assault bonds, domestic violence bonds, vandalism bonds, and more. Call our team at (877) 279-1068 for the full list of Marion County bail bonds.