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Common Bail Bond Mistakes

Count on the team at our business to assist you when you need to be bailed out of jail. Here are three common mistakes people make while awaiting trial:How to Get a Bail Bond

Leaving the County – When you have been arrested, it is a big mistake to leave the area for a variety of reasons. You may find yourself stuck in another city and miss a court date. Additionally, if you get arrested in another city, you will be sent back to jail. It’s essential that you speak with your agent before you plan any trips.

Using an Incorrect Address – If you use an incorrect address for your bail bond paperwork, you can be denied bail. When you or your loved one is speaking with your agent, you should make sure that all information you give them is up to date.

Not Helping Your Co-Signer – A lot of people have no one to bail them out of jail, so you should consider yourself very lucky to have someone co-sign on your bail. While awaiting your court dates, you need to work with this individual to ensure that your bill is paid properly.

When you want to know how to get a bail bond in West Virginia, you can count on the team at Bill’s Bail Bonds. We are available 24/7 to assist you.

How to Get a Bail Bond?

How to Get a Bail BondDo you need to acquire a bail bond for yourself or a loved one? Keep reading to determine what steps you need to take to get a bail bond, so a loved one can get out of jail before their court date.

Contact a Licensed Bail Bondsman

When you or a loved one is arrested for a crime and a bail is set, you might be wondering how to get a bail bond in your area. The first step you should take is contacting a trusted bail bondsman in the community to help you.

Determine Which Bond is Right for You or a Loved One

Since everyone’s financial situation is different, you might not be sure which bail bond is right for your family. You can discuss the amount you can afford with a trusted bail bondsman in your area. From cash bonds to property bonds, the team at Bill’s Bail Bonds is here to assist you during this time.

Duration of Bond

When it comes to the duration of a bail bond, it is valid until the case is closed or the charges are dropped. You do not have to worry about renewing a bail bond or it expiring because it lasts as long as the case.

Do not hesitate to call Bill’s Bail Bonds when you are unsure how to get a bail bond or which one is right for your specific circumstances. Reach out by calling (304) 296-5009 for assistance from a reliable, trustworthy bondsman.

Why Turn to Bill’s Bail Bonds?

How to Get a Bail BondWhen someone you love is behind bars, you want to pay their bail as quickly as possible. To do this, many people use a bondsman. How do you know which bail bondsman to use? Listed below are three reasons why people turn to Bill’s Bail Bonds.

24-Hour Service- No matter what time it is, you can rely on our team to help you with bail bonds in West Virginia. Whether you are wondering how to get a bail bond or which type of bond is right for you, we will answer all of your questions 24/7. We are dedicated to our clients, so we are always available when you need us.

Different Types of Bonds Available- Regardless of the situation, you want to get your loved one out of jail as soon as possible which is why we offer a range of bail bonds. Our list includes cash bonds, property bonds, appeal bonds, transfer bonds, appearance & own recognizance bonds, assault bonds, nationwide bonds, vandalism bonds, signature bonds, traffic bonds, and more.

Simple Process- Our primary goal is to provide you with the correct bond as quickly as possible because we know how valuable time is when it comes to matters like these.

Call our 24/7 phone number at (304) 296-5009 to discover how we can help you get a bail bond.