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Understanding how to get a bail bond in West Virginia is crucial when you have a loved one sitting behind bars somewhere in the state. The stress of not knowing how to help your relative or friend can be overwhelming, but you can rely on our team to help you bring them home.

Here at Bill’s Bail Bonds, our team is ready to assist you when you need to obtain a bail bond for a family member or friend. We understand that you might not be aware of the different types of bail bonds or the process that needs to be followed to secure one in a timely manner. That is why we provide useful information on our blog for you to read and better understand how bail bonds work.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to an experienced bail bondsman in West Virginia by dialing (304) 296-5009 right now.

Your Choice for Bail Bonds in West Virginia

Did you know that there are many different bail bonds available? Whether you are under arrest for a felony or need help with a misdemeanor, our bail bond specialists are available to help you or your loved one. Our business is proud to provide great selections to many counties in West Virginia, including Mason, Lewis, and Upshur counties.How Much is a Bail Bond

No matter the situation, crime, or bond size, you can feel confident that our team will assist you in the bail bond process. It does not matter if you need help with a traffic or a property bond, our experienced team is available 24-hours a day. We know the importance of moving quickly, so our team will collect vital information for you and do what we can to help you or your loved one spend as little time in jail as possible.

When it comes to fast and efficient bail bonds, you can rely on the talented team at Bill’s Bail Bonds. Our business is always happy to answer your questions. Are you asking yourself, “How much is a bail bond?” We have an answer for you! Call us today at (304) 296-5009 or (877) 279-1068 to start the bail bond process today.

Common Bail Bond Mistakes

Count on the team at our business to assist you when you need to be bailed out of jail. Here are three common mistakes people make while awaiting trial:How to Get a Bail Bond

Leaving the County – When you have been arrested, it is a big mistake to leave the area for a variety of reasons. You may find yourself stuck in another city and miss a court date. Additionally, if you get arrested in another city, you will be sent back to jail. It’s essential that you speak with your agent before you plan any trips.

Using an Incorrect Address – If you use an incorrect address for your bail bond paperwork, you can be denied bail. When you or your loved one is speaking with your agent, you should make sure that all information you give them is up to date.

Not Helping Your Co-Signer – A lot of people have no one to bail them out of jail, so you should consider yourself very lucky to have someone co-sign on your bail. While awaiting your court dates, you need to work with this individual to ensure that your bill is paid properly.

When you want to know how to get a bail bond in West Virginia, you can count on the team at Bill’s Bail Bonds. We are available 24/7 to assist you.

Why You Should Contact a 24-Hour Bail Bond Company

Determining which bail bond company you are going to use can be a difficult decision to make, especially if you do not know anything about bail bonds. Here at Bill’s Bail Bonds, we want to help you understand why we are open 24-hours a day. 24 Hour Bail Bonds West Virginia

Time Sensitive

Our team understands that when someone is taken to jail, it is a time-sensitive issue that needs to be addressed right away, not the next morning. Your family member should not have to sit in jail until normal business hours for you to secure a bail bond. Once we receive all of the necessary information, we will begin the process of acquiring a bail bond for your loved one, so they can come home as soon as possible.

Your Needs are Put First

By being available to our customers 24/7, we are able to put your needs first no matter the time. There is not a specific timeframe that people can be arrested in, so our business is open to accommodate all potential clients. We are available to answer questions about bail bonds and help you secure one, whether it is during the day or night.

Connect with our company when you need 24-hour bail bonds in West Virginia by calling (877) 279-1068 today.

Secure Bail Bonds in Lewis County With Ease

Whether this is your first time searching for a bail bond or you are securing one for a family member, you will have questions about the process. There are a few reasons why so many people turn to Bill’s Bail Bonds in Lewis County, WV, and we thought we would share a few with you below.Bondsman Lewis County WV


Our team is able to guide you through the process and recommend which bail bond is appropriate for your circumstances. We have helped many families like yours over the years, and will strive to provide every customer with personal services.

Wide Service Area

We help people across the entire state of West Virginia who need assistance when securing a bail bond. When you are searching for a bondsman in Lewis County, WV, or the surrounding area, you can rely on Bill’s Bail Bonds every time.

Friendly Team

We are here to assist you and your family by streamlining the bail bond process. Our helpful team will answer your questions, and provide recommendations when necessary.

Don’t waste another minute when your loved one is sitting in jail when you can turn to a reliable bail bond company. Call a trusted bondsman in Lewis County, WV, by dialing (877) 279-1068 right now.

FAQs that Surround Bail Bonds Part 2

Previously, we have discussed a list of frequently asked questions about bail bonds with you. Since we could not cover all of the FAQs in the first blog, we thought we would continue into this one because we believe in helping you find the answers you need to keep your family together. Keep reading to find the solution you are searching for below.Who is Liable for the Bail Bond

Where to Get a Bail Bond

When you need to obtain a bail bond, you might not know where you can get one. You need to reach out to a dependable bail bond company like Bill’s Bail Bonds.

What Hours Do Bail Bond Companies Operate

Since you can be detained at any time, whether it is day or night, you need to be able to secure a bail bond quickly and at any hour. At Bill’s Bail Bonds, we are open 24/7 every day of the year.

Who is Liable for the Bail Bond

The co-signers of the bail bond are financially responsible for the bail bond. The co-signers are the ones who put up the money to secure the bail bond.

Connect with our bail bond agents by calling (304) 296-5009 during your time of need.

FAQs that Surround Bail Bonds Part 1

People often have questions when it comes to securing a bail bond for themselves or a loved one. Here at Bill’s Bail Bonds, our friendly team wants to help you as much as possible, so we have answered some frequently asked questions below to help you.

What is a Bail Bond

To start off this FAQ section, we thought we would explain further the purpose of a bail bond to help you understand what it is and why it is needed. A bail bond is issued for someone who is in jail and wants to get out before their court date. If the defendant doesn’t show up for the selected court date, then the bail bond is forfeited.How Long is a Bail Bond Good For

How Much is a Bail Bond

The price of the bail bond is typically only 10% of the full bail amount. The bail amount is determined by the courts, and it usually depends on the crime that was allegedly committed.

How Long is a Bail Bond Good For

Fortunately, bail bonds are valid until the case is closed or charges are dropped against the defendant. You do not have to worry about a bail bond expiring.

Hopefully, the answers to these questions will help you understand a little more about bail bonds and why they are essential to many families. Call us at (304) 296-5009 to secure a bail bond 24/7.

How Much is a Bail Bond?

How Much is a Bail BondThere are a lot of questions surrounding bail bonds, and our team is here to help you understand how bail bonds work. Discover more about bail bonds including how the price is determined and how accessible these bonds are to people.


Numerous factors go into considering the amount of bail that is set for a particular person including previous criminal charges, if the person is employed, and if they are considered a flight risk. Once the bail is set, then you can figure out how much a bail bond will be for your loved one. In most cases, the bail bond premium is 10% of the full bail amount. However, you should inquire about how much is a bail bond for your specific situation by reaching out to a licensed bondsman.


Since someone can be arrested at any given time, day or night, it would make sense that bail bond companies are open 24/7. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, but you are in luck when you turn to Bill’s Bail Bonds because we are here to help no matter what time of day or night it is. We believe in being available to help our clients in their time of need, so you can reach us 24/7.

Call our 24/7 phone number at (304) 296-5009 to speak with someone about bail bonds.

How to Get a Bail Bond?

How to Get a Bail BondDo you need to acquire a bail bond for yourself or a loved one? Keep reading to determine what steps you need to take to get a bail bond, so a loved one can get out of jail before their court date.

Contact a Licensed Bail Bondsman

When you or a loved one is arrested for a crime and a bail is set, you might be wondering how to get a bail bond in your area. The first step you should take is contacting a trusted bail bondsman in the community to help you.

Determine Which Bond is Right for You or a Loved One

Since everyone’s financial situation is different, you might not be sure which bail bond is right for your family. You can discuss the amount you can afford with a trusted bail bondsman in your area. From cash bonds to property bonds, the team at Bill’s Bail Bonds is here to assist you during this time.

Duration of Bond

When it comes to the duration of a bail bond, it is valid until the case is closed or the charges are dropped. You do not have to worry about renewing a bail bond or it expiring because it lasts as long as the case.

Do not hesitate to call Bill’s Bail Bonds when you are unsure how to get a bail bond or which one is right for your specific circumstances. Reach out by calling (304) 296-5009 for assistance from a reliable, trustworthy bondsman.

Why Turn to Bill’s Bail Bonds?

How to Get a Bail BondWhen someone you love is behind bars, you want to pay their bail as quickly as possible. To do this, many people use a bondsman. How do you know which bail bondsman to use? Listed below are three reasons why people turn to Bill’s Bail Bonds.

24-Hour Service- No matter what time it is, you can rely on our team to help you with bail bonds in West Virginia. Whether you are wondering how to get a bail bond or which type of bond is right for you, we will answer all of your questions 24/7. We are dedicated to our clients, so we are always available when you need us.

Different Types of Bonds Available- Regardless of the situation, you want to get your loved one out of jail as soon as possible which is why we offer a range of bail bonds. Our list includes cash bonds, property bonds, appeal bonds, transfer bonds, appearance & own recognizance bonds, assault bonds, nationwide bonds, vandalism bonds, signature bonds, traffic bonds, and more.

Simple Process- Our primary goal is to provide you with the correct bond as quickly as possible because we know how valuable time is when it comes to matters like these.

Call our 24/7 phone number at (304) 296-5009 to discover how we can help you get a bail bond.

Welcome to Our Blog

Marion County Bail BondsAt Bill’s Bail Bonds, we have a variety of different bonds available to our customers depending on their specific needs. We conveniently serve a range of counties including, but not limited to, Upshur County, Monongalia County, Marion County, Lewis County, Preston County, and Mason County. Discover which bail bond is right for you below.

Cash Bond- This particular type of bond must be paid in cash. When the person appears for court or if charges are dropped, all the money will be refunded. However, all of the payment will be forfeited if the person does not show up for the court date.

Property Bond- People often use property as collateral when it comes to posting bail. When it comes to determining the value of the property, there are numerous factors that need to be considered. You must also present the deed, tax bills, and any assessment notices.

Transfer Bond- Someone who is being held in a different state than where their bond was written can take advantage of a transfer bond.

Although the bonds listed above are the most popular, this is not the full list of bonds that we provide our clients. We also offer business crime bonds, assault bonds, domestic violence bonds, vandalism bonds, and more. Call our team at (877) 279-1068 for the full list of Marion County bail bonds.